The best SEO tool for Wordpress

It has been calculated that 20% of the world's websites are built with the WordPress content management system. One of the advantages that make it the best CMS is the ease it offers you to optimize your blog and get better search engine results. Which translates into a higher volume of visits.

If you are interested in growing your WordPress blog into organic results, or you're just getting started and want to get your SEO under control from the beginning, we recommend that you use the best SEO tools for Wordpress.

How does using an SEO tool benefit me?

Using an SEO tool like Metricsmine for Wordpress helps you locate the most relevant keywords in your sector to achieve a better ranking. Thanks to this tool, you can organize the keywords to insert them in your WordPress site and increase their visibility.

Also, Metricsmine has been created thinking that your WordPress site has the best positioning through a real-time analysis of your needs and possible errors on your website.

You can constantly improve your site so that day by day it improves and finally you find your highest-ranking position.

What can metricsmine do for me?

Optimize your site's architecture

Build an unwavering SEO foundation with a strong site structure and start increasing your organic traffic. Use the best SEO tools for Wordpress helps you to understand easily the complexity of a web architecture and detect deviations from your KPI's.

Improve your internal linking

You could very carefully analyze your inlinks and outlinks. In this way, you will know what are the main anchor texts used in your WordPress site and which have less relevance.

You will eliminate errors

We analyze plugins that fail in WordPress and those that are not configured correctly. Thanks to this, we eliminate possible errors very early. This will help you to be always 100% optimized.

You will get professional weekly reports

We created urgent alerts on negative metric trends and a weekly progress report. So that the changes don't surprise you and you can make decisions as quickly as possible.

And what is the advantage of SEO for WordPress?

You will be able to do magnificent advertising campaign strategies. You will get to know your target better, what interests them and what does not interest them. In this way, your target will feel more attracted to you.

Your WordPress site will be always updated. We will help you to know exactly what the state of your SEO WordPress site is, knowing the words that you have indexed in the search engines and the backlinks that you have received so far.

You will help you to understand your competitors through the words you have positioned and know how to improve your strategy against it.

You will be able to obtain data that will help you make better marketing decisions.

You will have quality and recurring user visits.

When we talk about SEO for WordPress it is encompassing many aspects. It is not only positioning, but it is also studying the state of your website and the competition you have.

That is why we offer you the best SEO WordPress tool, with metrics that will help you understand what is happening on your website in real-time. It should be noted that our tool is different from the rest by continuous crawling to detect changes in the structure that need immediate decisions.

Also, we make sure that something of vital importance: that the web design you use is responsive, that is, compatible with mobile devices. If your design is not compatible with the mobile system, your content may not be displayed correctly and will leave your page.

Once you’ve understood all the needs of your SEO WordPress page, you’ll be ready to notice why metricsmine is one of the best SEO tools for WordPress that exist.

We will give you the top of the ranking!

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