Centralized Log Management

Use metricsmine to collect and manage server logs and application events in one central location for easy access and control.

Everything you need in one place

Centralized security log and server monitoring means you won’t have to search from server to server to find what you’re looking for, particularly with a personalised application metric dashboard.

Avoid hidden costs with a SaaS service

metricsmine is a SaaS monitoring service which means there are no hidden costs!
Using Software-as-a-Service, metricsmine can rapidly begin collecting data from the moment you sign up.

Identify the issue quickly

Spot the problem before it becomes a serious issue for your business. By performing a rapid search, you can locate what’s wrong in seconds and monitor the situation, whether it is event management or security management.

Resolve problems before it’s too late

Rather than managing several different tools, use metricsmine integrated system you can quickly fix any issues that arise.
Using our one business application monitoring system, you can keep your business on track by monitoring metrics and receiving alerts should something unexpected happen.

Centralized log management that scales with your business

Customize instance or server names for easy log management. Add new instances within minutes. Log data collection starts immediately in real time and automatically. Create custom alerts and application monitoring dashboards that apply to all instances or any group.

No compromise security

All data connections are secured with enterprise-grade 256-bit SSL encryption.
You can even redact sensitive data from your log data before they ever leave your server to ensure that your metrics management is secure with our cloud application monitoring.


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