Our Mission, our value

metricsmine's mission is to build the best tool for engineers and marketers to understand their business keys and operational systems. We want to make it fast, scalable, and reliable, all the while making sure it's easy to learn and use.

Meet the team

We're a team of engineers and entrepreneurs with years of experience and we know what it's like to be on call, get an alert about something happening to your business, and not have enough information to track down the data you need. So we decided to fix that. Here we are.

Pablo Martinez
Pablo Martinez

Pablo is the brains behind metricsmine, having started the project alongside his various other commitments in September 2015 and has continued to develop the service as its founder and owner, growing from his area of expertise, the Latin American market, to a worldwide scale.
With vast experience from the ecommerce industry in web design, SEO and as a Chief Technology Officer, Pablo saw a gap in the market for business metrics and has used his years of studies and business experience, particularly in the high availability world, to put together metricsmine.

Sam Leveridge
Sam Leveridge
US & UK market

Sam is helping to bring metricsmine to the English speaking market using his skill set and expertise. With experience in social media and ecommerce, Sam has previously worked with the European, UK and US market.
He is now focusing his attentions on bringing metricsmine to those markets to help businesses worldwide to improve how they track the most important business data and ensuring that clients' needs are met through every step of the process to make the most of their potential.