Looking for a Scalyr alternative?

Using metricsmine, you can check all your metrics in one place using our unique application monitoring dashboard.

Rapid and easy access

In moments, you’ll have access to all your data as we make your metrics easy to read and analyse. Perform searches and find exactly what you’re after in seconds whether it is event management or security management that you are looking for.

See our tailor-made insights

We’ll pick out the highlights and alert you to anything which seems unusual within your metrics, with your personalised dashboard making everything clear to you. Make your application management quick and easy with secure management tools used by metricsmine.

Resolve problems quickly

Once we have alerted you to any unusual behaviour in your metrics, metricsmine makes it quick and easy to act. By monitoring servers, managing logs, and giving you the tools to see and analyse data, you can rapidly see the best way to act without having to trawl through data to find it. Keep your business on track with metricsmine.


Free for 7 days. No credit card required.