metricsmine provides support for server monitoring through a native integration with collectd.This capability makes it trivial to get system metrics like CPU, Load, Disk and Network I/O for all your hosts into metricsmine with a pre-configured dashboard.
You can be up and running in minutes!

Why collectd? Collectd is one of the most popular and widely deployed OSS system monitoring agents.
It is used for everything from basic statistics gathering, to performance analysis and capacity planning. It is fast, lightweight, and included by default in most Linux distributions.
With over 90 plugins, it is also quite flexible.

No downloading custom plugins. Our integration works out of the box with collectd's write_http plugin. Our collectd integration adds only 10 lines to your collectd.conf.

<Plugin write_http>
    <URL "https://{account_code}{public_token}/agents/collectd">
        User "{account_code}"
        Password "{private_token}"
        VerifyPeer false
        VerifyHost false
        CACert "/etc/ssl/ca.crt"
        Format "JSON"

You can change the reporting interval in the collectd conf file using the Interval parameter. At metricsmine we typically use a reporting interval of 60s so our collectd.conf looks like this:

Interval   60