Looking for a Loggly Alternative?

metricsmine gives you more than just log management.

As a different option to Loggly management, metricsmine gives you power to do more than just search your logs.

Check System and Business Metrics

We know the importance of monitoring your metrics, so keep an eye on your logs and metrics using your personalized metricsmine dashboard.

Fast queries

Perform quick searches which will help you to identify problems as soon as they arise to arrest the issue before it becomes serious.

Custom Parsers

Input and interpret your data in a way which suits you by setting up your own, unique custom parsers to fit your needs.

Advanced Alerts

Get notifications sent to you in real time to keep you up to date with what is going on with your metrics. If something unusual is happening, you’ll know about it.

No Compromise Security

All data connections are secured with enterprise-grade 128-bit SSL encryption. You can even redact sensitive data from your logs before they ever leave your server.


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