Looking for a Sumologic alternative?

metricsmine gives you a solution which can help to fulfil all your data needs with application metrics monitoring.

All your logs and metrics in one place

With a customised application monitoring dashboard, you can quickly log-on and see all your data on one simple page with explanations and visualisations to make it easy for you to digest with our cloud application monitoring system which can help you to make money.

Monitor data in real-time

Our services give you updates as they happen, allowing you to react to events before the competition and keep track of exactly what is going on with your business. Whether it is event management or security management, metricsmine will give you the management service you need.

Receive personalised alerts

If something unusual is going on with your company, we monitor your log data and security logs so that we can let you know so that you can track what is happening and act quickly to resolve the issue before it becomes serious with a unique management service.


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